Vilmos Nagy Magneto Museum

I would like to share with you folks my experience about visiting Vilmos Nagy magneto museum. It's located in Tereny, Hungary about an hour drive from Budapest. His friend and supporter Janos was kind to drive us to the museum. Vilmos is collecting tape recorders more than decade. He got a gift from his friend who lives in USA of about 100 machines, but biggest portion of his collection are tape recorders from Europe. I was enjoying to explore early models of German, Hungarian and other European tape recorders. He played for me an original tape from concert of 1941 recording, sounds really amazing!!!

Most of his machines are functional. We enjoyed the food that Vilmos cooked himself as well as traditional drinks. His collection still expanding so he has probably has the biggest collection in the world.

I strongly recommend to visit this wonderful place and get a wonderful experience of history of magnetic recording