"Reel" Art

I am a great admirer of art, especially when I find a great master painter that just happens to paint reels into his work. I recently took a look at a famous Gustav Klimt painting, and found reels there! This brilliant painting made before Second World War. I saw many of his works before and always thought that there something mysterious at his paintings. Now I know the mystery - Klimt would have definitely admired reel to reel tape recorders! Inspired by his work, I did a little "reel" art myself. 


Vilmos Nagy Magneto Museum

I would like to share with you folks my experience about visiting Vilmos Nagy magneto museum. It's located in Tereny, Hungary about an hour drive from Budapest. His friend and supporter Janos was kind to drive us to the museum. Vilmos is collecting tape recorders more than decade. He got a gift from his friend who lives in USA of about 100 machines, but biggest portion of his collection are tape recorders from Europe. I was enjoying to explore early models of German, Hungarian and other European tape recorders. He played for me an original tape from concert of 1941 recording, sounds really amazing!!!

Most of his machines are functional. We enjoyed the food that Vilmos cooked himself as well as traditional drinks. His collection still expanding so he has probably has the biggest collection in the world.

I strongly recommend to visit this wonderful place and get a wonderful experience of history of magnetic recording

Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

My first visit to the museum of magnetic recording was a terrific experience. I came to see Martin Theophilus who lives down to Austin Texas. Martin spent few hours of his precious time to guide me though his house which is a functional museum. All recorders are well maintained, and accompanied by numerous of historical documents, old advertisements, microphones and other items of the time period.

One thing he and I certainly have in common is that we are short on space. I was laughing to see tape recorders near his shower! One of my favorite pieces was his Ampex 200, it did really knock me out!!

I got plenty of information about magnetic recording from him. I also acquired few items that I saw in his collection. I have a feeling that number of tape recorders in any collection doesn't really matter. Most important is quality, care, and the love given to the collection. The rarity of items is also very important. Martin definitely has unique collection. strongly recommend to support his efforts to preserve these fantastic machines.

You can see the museum of magnetic sound recording at http://museumofmagneticsoundrecording.org/